The revolutionary Brew Demon home brewing system is extremely easy to use and every brewing kit features high quality ingredients and equipment specifically designed for exceptionally good small batch beer brewing. Brew Demon supplies kits for brewing either two or six gallon batches of great tasting beer and they have inherently condensed the entire extract brewing procedure into an uncomplicated fourteen-day process.  At the very core of the system is a conical styled fermenter, which is based upon the conical designs that are used by professional brewers.  Conveniently, there is a wide variety of recipe and ingredient kits available for all of the equipment packages and Brew Demon’s affordability along with the easy bottling and clean up process will no doubt make for a joyful experience that results in an amazing home brewed beer that you can enjoy with pride.  

If you are looking for an online source for daily news, expert beer reviews and interesting articles on savory suds, The Beer Connoisseur is the definitive answer. Along with being the beer industry’s leading online media source, they also publish a seasonal magazine with premium news and information that all serious craft beer enthusiasts will find very useful.

The Original Craft Beer Club seeks out extraordinary craft brews and delivers them directly to your door every month and every shipment contains a tasty variety of world-class beers comprised of four varying styles from a total of six different craft breweries. The beer selections are twelve ounces each and cans are featured six times a year. Additionally, members can choose either a 12 or 24 beer shipment that will be delivered monthly or quarterly depending upon your preference and every selection is crafted from small-production independent brewers that only use traditional and time-honored brewing ingredients and methods. Honestly, there is no better time to treat yourself or your friends and family to tasty microbrews that are painstakingly crafted by exceptional brewmasters from all parts of the country.

Salteez provides a tasty variety of flavored beer salt strips to pair with your favorite drink whether it’s a beer, margarita or any other cocktail your heart desires. It’s so easy to peel it, stick it and lick it. Salteez beer salt strips can be placed on cans, bottles or glasses and they will stay in place for more than a couple of days, not that you should require that much time to finish your drink but it’s good to know. With only 10 calories per strip and three different flavors to choose from, you can effortlessly enhance your beverage with a tangy, salty flavor and level up your enjoyment!

Beer Drop is an ingenious craft beer delivery service that features a monthly subscription that is custom designed for your individual taste preferences. Based out of Colorado, they work with the best breweries nationwide in order to deliver the most innovative, fresh and delicious craft beer available. All of the unique, high quality beers on their list are carefully chosen from the nation’s most impressive breweries and Beer Drop also uses an algorithm to match your taste profile with beers that you haven’t had the chance to try in order to assure your satisfaction. It is very easy to set up your profile for your monthly subscription and there are five different categories to choose from which are hoppy, malty, fruity, Belgium-style and stouts. Additionally, every member has the flexibility to modify, skip or cancel their subscription at any time so it’s very easy and risk free to stay on top of Colorado’s current craft beer trends. Cheers mates!

Grüvi is a fresh supplier of craft non-alcoholic beer and wine that recently launched an online shop with nationwide shipping and a wide variety of products to sample. Noticeably, the demand for NA beer and wine continues to grow while the choices and styles remain limited. These limited options led to the inception of Grüvi and they are committed to becoming the number one consumer option. Unlike most NA breweries, they don’t dealcoholize beer after fermentation. Alternatively, they utilize a process called arrested fermentation, which allows the craft beer to remain crisp and full-bodied so you can enjoy a great tasting, low calorie, non-alcoholic beverage today for a hangover free tomorrow.

Grass Life is a Canadian online cannabis dispensary that provides a premium selection of professionally cured buds, edibles, vapes, CBD products, accessories and only the purest cannabis concentrates to help people revel and unwind nationwide. Best of all, you can earn and redeem points for rewards and mix/match products on every order along with a free gift. Deals on ounces start at $80 and there is also free shipping on all orders of $120 and above!