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Hawaii Pipe Farm is a mixed media shop that works with ceramic artists, glass blowers and wood workers to create artist collaboration pipes that are beautifully handcrafted, functional, durable and unique. Their hybrid pipes feature ring magnets that connect ceramic bowls to hardwood mouthpieces with airtight precision and their ceramic pipes feature a three-hole bowl and a straight-through hole for easy cleaning. Hawaii’s sustainable sources of hardwoods such as Koa, Milo, Padauk, Lychee and others are used to create the mouthpieces for the hybrid pipes and their ceramic pipes are fundamentally the same as glass except they are far more durable. They are just as clean and non-porous as glass and easily as beautiful with so many glazing possibilities. Of course blown glass is stunning and unique, but the shapes are often hard to clean, fragile and expensive.

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Wickie Pipes combine both a lighter and a pipe into a cool conversation piece that is fun and easy to use.

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weR herby provides a very handy personal smoking assistant that is perfect for rolling an amazing cone in a matter of seconds with no more mess or wasted herbs. The Herby is the direct result of German engineering and Swiss precision and you can carry your papers, filters and herbs all in one place. Rest assured, this is a genuinely unique product that is superior in design and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. In addition, this beautiful roller features magnetic locks that snap all of the parts together, a built-in grinder and it can easily store up to 3 grams of herb in hidden storage compartments.  

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