No need to look any further, the Flower Power Starter Pack includes all of the nutrients that your plants require for an exceptionally healthy grow cycle from start to finish. The package includes 1 Start Pack – 50gr / 1.76 ounces, 1 Grow Pack 100gr / 3.52 ounces, 1 Bloom Pack – 100gr / 3.52 ounces, and 1 Boost Pack – 10gr / 0.35 ounces. The benefits of using Flower Power fertilizer are increased yield, reduced soil erosion, enhanced plant health, small packaging, differentiation for all stages of growth, simplistic use, and easy storage.

The go to spot for hydroponic growing equipment such as LED lights, boxes, tents, and many other essential Items for a killer grow.

Your search for cannabis minded real estate and businesses starts and ends with 420 Property. You can list available properties, apply for financing, get insurance quotes and connect yourself with other cannabis friendly professionals. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing across the world and as an increasing number of governments legalize the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, the need for suitable businesses specific to the cannabis industry continues to grow. Enter 420 Property. Almost every locality has different zoning requirements for properties that will be used to operate a cannabis business, which can make finding an available property a very daunting task. However, 420 Property aims to neutralize these difficulties by providing an online marketplace specifically for available cannabis related properties. Start your search today and see why 420 Property is the world’s leading hemp and cannabis real estate marketplace and tops in cannabis related real estate and business listings. The legalization of hemp and cannabis has created a new type of real estate investor. The cultivation of hemp and cannabis has absorbed warehouse and land space, medical dispensaries/ cooperatives and recreational retail stores that are now occupying prime storefront properties. This is exactly why 420 Property aims to eliminate the challenges of finding real estate and businesses dedicated to the hemp and cannabis industry by providing the most comprehensive real estate listing service available. You will be able to reach a niche audience specific to the cannabis industry and 420 Property is also free to use, so feel free to add as many property, business or professional listings that you like while connecting with an endless stream of potential clients at no cost whatsoever.

The Stealth Box is an ingenious four plant, plug and play grow box. The system produces several ounces of high quality, organic cannabis every grow cycle and the box is lightweight too. Odor is neutralized through a physio-chemical process that is far superior to simply masking and overpowering odors. The stylish Stealth Box uses low draw LED lighting and features minimal heat/humidity, a locking cabinet, discreet packaging and a compact size – 20″x20″x36”. The Stealth Box SystemIncludes: Full Spectrum/Bright White LED Quantum Board-100W / 3000k, Stealth Box Filter (certified Australian carbon), Stealth Box Cloth Pots, Light Tight Box, Quiet Fans, Hygro-thermometer (track temperature and humidity), Locking Cabinet, Lighting Timers, Powder Coated Steel (with Highly Reflective White finish to maximize light), Seedling Dome, Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Scissors, Long Neck Watering Can, a handy Spray Bottle and a Step-By-Step Grow Guide.

Super Closet specializes in manufacturing automated superponic grow systems and revolutionary grow boxes that are second to none and they have won several awards for their innovating and revolutionary designs. When growing indoors, details are extremely important and the ability to create the perfect environment for a successful grow is very difficult due to the amount of factors involved. Thankfully, they have done all of the difficult work for you and all of their systems include everything needed to get started immediately, no matter if you are a veteran or beginner.

HydroPros Garden Center is your source for expert advice, quality products and terrific service. We are passionate about our business and love sharing our gardening knowledge. It is exciting to see the interest level in hydroponic gardening growing stronger and we work with all of the top names in this booming industry to confidently supply you with the products you desire. It doesn’t take years of experience to become a successful hydroponic gardener and it also takes very little space. You can turn a closet into a garden and produce dozens of plants. We have great starter kits for beginners and we have superb package deals and full setups for all of your gardening needs. Wholesale pricing is available!

A Pot For Pot makes growing cannabis at home fun, affordable, and financially rewarding. Their grow box is designed to be an exceptional indoor/outdoor garden system that is well-suited for both beginners or seasoned gardeners looking to grow naturally in their own homes; whether its indoors or outside, in a grow tent or with natural sunlight. Lastly, their grow kits are designed to make indoor or outdoor growing very simple, just add water, seed and sunlight. Then it’s smooth sailing, their specially formulated Super Soil will ensure your plants get all of the nutrients they need for a successful grow.

Green CulturED is a great option for anyone that wants to learn more about the cannabis industry. They provide an education that meets the highest standards in the budtending business and students are free to learn at their own pace since the materials are available on demand and around the clock. Location is never an issue and Green CulturED has an outstanding technical support system in place to answer any questions that may arise. Rest assured, top cannabis experts supply the industry knowledge in an easy to understand course format and graduates can take pride in a certification license from an accredited source. Financial aid is available and their mobile app is readily available from Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows Phone Store for students on the go.

Grass Life is a Canadian online cannabis dispensary that provides a premium selection of professionally cured buds, edibles, vapes, CBD products, accessories and only the purest cannabis concentrates to help people revel and unwind nationwide. Best of all, you can earn and redeem points for rewards and mix/match products on every order along with a free gift. Deals on ounces start at $80 and there is also free shipping on all orders of $120 and above!